Dr. Trisha Rys taking over Dr. Kemi Oluyole's practice,
may take new patients in the future.

Family physician, Dr. Trisha Rys has been recruited to West Northumberland

Contact: Tracy West, Recruitment Co-ordinator, West Northumberland Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee, at wndoctors@gmail.com

WEST NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, Wednesday July 17, 2018 – The members of the West Northumberland Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee (WNPRRC) wish to announce that Dr. Trisha Rys has been recruited to our community and has already started practicing within the clinic. She will also attend to her patients admitted to NHH and will further support the community hospital by working in the Emergency Department.

Dr. Trisha Rys
Dr. Rys has been a doctor for approximately 4 years and has practiced in Northern Ontario and British Columbia. She attended the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and completed her residency through Queen's University- Oshawa Bowmanville Lakeridge Health Site. It was during this time that she became familiar with our wonderful community.

Dr. Rys along with her husband and two young daughters moved to our community in June. Dr. Rys stated that, "I am very excited to be back in the area to practice and also to raise our family here."

The WNPRRC is very pleased to welcome Dr. Rys and her family to our community. "Her recruitment is another example of the recruitment efforts by the WNPRRC as they strive to recruit new family physicians in order to keep pace with the future needs of our residents," said Gerald Blackstock, WNPRRC Chair.

Dr. Mark Essak welcomed Dr. Rys to the practice and to the community. He stated that, "When I first talked to Trisha she said that she and Paul wanted to find a good place to raise their family. Right away I knew they would be coming here!"

Dr. Rys has taken over the entire patient roster of Dr. Kemi Oluyole. She will not immediately be accepting new patients and when the time is right she will begin working with Health Care Connect (HCC) to access their list of residents who are looking for a family physician. If you are seeking a family physician please contact Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822.

Thanks to support from the community and the much needed financial support from west Northumberland municipalities, the WNPRRC is positioned to maintain its recruitment initiatives and recruitment momentum in order to continue attracting family physicians to our area.

About the West Northumberland Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee

Formed in 2001, the West Northumberland Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee (WNPRRC) is a volunteer group of citizens, physicians and municipal representatives representing the interests of West Northumberland communities. Chaired by local resident Gerald Blackstock, the Committee's mandate is to attract new family physicians to the area and to lead efforts helpful in retaining the excellent family physicians working in our communities today. For more information about the WNPRRC please visit www.northumberlanddocs.com.